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Train human resources for teaching and research through courses and experimental research. Masters of Science will join a staff as research assistants or responsible for teaching laboratories in scientific research or higher education institutions, hospitals and biotechnology industries.

Time required:

Mastery: 24 months (4 semesters)

Admission Requirements

  1. Having completed a bachelor of medical,  veterinary, biological, chemical, or  any discipline related to biomedical areas
  2. Have obtained the bachelor degree. Otherwise, the applicant must provide evidence that the degree will be obtained in a period no longer than 6 months.
  3. Have a minimum GPA of 8 or an equivalent (B = 8)
  4. Pass the general knowledge exam established by the DPMI. (No study guide will be provided for this exam)
  5. Present an oral scientific seminar on a topic provided by the Professor’s College
  6. Translate the summary of a scientific article from English to Spanish
  7. Conduct an interview with a committee of three professors from the DIPM
  8. Pass the propaedeutic course in organic chemistry

Application Form and Documentation

  • The applicant must submit to the DIPMI's application format
  • Professional Studies Certificate with a minimum GPA of 8 or equivalent (B = 8)
  • Copy the professional title or copy of the exam.
  • Two passport-size photographs and the following documents:
    • Two copies of the curriculum vitae with copies of supporting documents
    • Two copies of identification or citizenship CURP
    • Two copies of the birth certificate
    • Two letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope addressed to the Academic Coordination Department
    • Evidence of approval of basic English test-IPN CENLEX or equivalent from other institutions or languages institutes

Program of study

First Semester

Cell Biology I
Molecular Biology
Methods of Special Analysis I

Second Semester

Biology of Parasitism I
Biology of Parasitism II
Cell Biology II
Methods of Special Analysis II

Third Semester

Thesis work
Seminar I

Fourth Semester

Seminar II

Dates for admission

Receiving applications for admission: the whole month of May  2018
Entrance examination: June 04th , 2018
Interviews: June 05 an 06th 2018
Presentation topics:  June 07-08th  2018
Notification of results:  june 15th 2018
Preparatory course: June 18th 2018.

Start of program: August  2013

For details please contact Miss Martha Aguilar by phone: 525)( 5747-3800 ext. 5670 or e-mail: